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History is important. It creates perspective and enhances knowledge through retrospective analysis. Unfortunately, in the relatively fast moving world of technology it is usually overlooked or disregarded. Significant developments are simply not recognized as historically significant. Information and data is all too easily lost, for ever.

The internet is a good example of this. Countless historically important websites have simply disappeared, through deletion or more usually through domain expiry. Fortunately, remnants are sometimes caught by archive.org, but not always. Sometimes valuable papers, newsletters and BBS postings are lost. Even significant images sometimes disappear for good.

This of course is a real shame: which is why this section of the site is set aside to preserve old papers and content related to ITSM, IT Governance and technology. We are currently seeking to obtain as much of this material as we can, but have not had the best of starts (we will document this in due course). However, we will continue unperturbed and hopefully populate this section very soon.


About Us

  • This is section of the W3 Journal will hold historically important or signficant content. This will include papers, newsletters, articles and other related materials.

    If you own anything which you consider may be of interest us, please contact us as above.

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